4 March 2015

AW15 : Max Mara

Oh, how we all love Marilyn. An icon of fashion, and an icon of fashion which Max Mara took as their inspiration for their AW15. I was so excited to see the collection as it was pervaded around instagram, and it included the "Model of the Moment" Gigi Hadid. She is absolutely slaying it at the moment, and this show proves just that.

"Granny Chic" comes to mind when I saw this collection, influenced by Marilyn but also inspired by the elder look. I know Urban Outfitters will be taking so much inspo from this collection! Gigi took the catwalk first, wrapped in a oversized camel coat, with a slip dress underneath - she channeled Marilyn instantly. The collection automatically let of a cute 50s vibe, with oversized coats being just as popular as they were in their hey-day years ago. The colour palette of the collection was quite varied, which I wasn't actually expecting. There were blacks, greys and whites - but turquoises and dark yellows were also injected to give the collection some life. With appearances from the industries top models, Joan Smalls, Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld - this show was definitely one to watch.

Beautiful coats were the talking point of the show. From quilted satin, to cashmere and fur, Max Mara had it all covered. The coats were drawn to attention with the models, strangely, walking with their arms folded, something so different but ever so appealing. As Max Mara has proved with this collection - camel is back in this AW15 girls! It was a huge colour this AW being seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and now Gigi Hadid will be hailed the camel colour queen. Turquoise blue was a colour I was not expecting but it just worked. Different tones on different fabrics gave us a variety, and that is exactly what Max Mara's clients want. Cabel knitted jumpers were also a hit, paired with geek chic glasses for a "sexy secretary" look which is always a hit, for being sexy but classic at the same time. Pencil skirts with checks and needle-punched lace gave the simple looks that extra detail. Loafers in all colours were also a highlight, which gives us inspiration for AW15 to give our feet a break from the heels and team our looks with some loafers for a casual, yet feminine look!


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