21 March 2015

AW15 : Balenciaga

Now this was something I wasn't expecting from Balenciaga. Alexander Wang had gone back to Balenciaga's true roots, without being as futuristic as the SS15 Collection. However, he put his wang twist on the old look - creating a unique and fantastic collection. That's what I love so much about this collection - it keeps the parisian feel of Balenciaga.

As the show progressed, Alexander Wang's typical look started coming to light and I was so glad to see it. Asymmetric shapes with heavy boots was exactly what we all wanted to see. However, he diffused into a more elegant and feminine feel with jewelled pumps which was refreshing from him. It was the detailing within the pieces which made the collection oh so fantastic. The detailing of spikes and jewels gave balenciaga a tough look to balance the elegance well. Total opposite, but it worked. You can tell that Wang has his clients in mind still - delivering them with what they want and expect, but with a different feel from tweed fabrics and beautiful embellishments. That's whats so great about Balenciaga - that the collections keep on giving and giving. Cocoon shaped jackets, teamed with huge buttons is definitely something taken from Balenciaga previous collections. It was great. Did I mention Lily James' beautiful custom made Balenciaga dress at the Cinderella Premiere? Another reason to love Balenciaga!

Lily James wearing custom made Balenciaga at the Cinderella Premiere in London

I am personally a growing fan of Balenciaga. Alexander Wang's usual sporty vibe isn't necessarily what I would wear - although effortless fantastic, I am more feminine with my style. However, as I have been browsing in London through Balenciaga's current collections, I can't help but love the bags and accessories, as well as the asymmetric and sharp shapes that his pieces have.
   This collection took us back to 1940's Paris. With bardot shaped around the shoulders, alongside beautiful brooches. The fabrics were actually quite couture which gave this collection a very beautiful look. As mentioned, the Wang edge was still visible, with cocktail dresses being edged with bulky boots.


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