26 February 2015

Brilliante Show : Outfit

I was kindly invited to the Brilliante show in London, where myself and my friend Issy attended. It was great to see new upcoming designer's new work, and it was great to be able to appreciate the diversity within the industry. That is what I love so much about the industry, is that there are so many ideas and talent and you can express that through any look you want. It's so inspiring!!

I chose quite a simple outfit for the night, but dressed it up with heels. A lot of people say to me "why do you choose to wear sunglasses to college?" but I always remember my college lecturer telling me that sunglasses are the best accessory and they most definitely are! You can get so many affordable, yet stylish sunglasses (i.e. Primark) and build up a cute collection! I wear them when its raining, when its dark, its strange really but thats when I feel my best. I wore faux leather look trousers from Oasis which is fast becoming one of my favourite high street retailers, teamed with a givenchy bag, style skin collar and gianvito rossi heels!

My favourite feature of my look is the jacket from Silkfred. I am fast becoming obsessed with this brand. Silkfred are an online store thats stock and sell many brands. When I went onto their website (which you can access here). I was so amazed by the designers and the talent that I saw. Especially from the Yan Neo London collection on the site - which you can access here. This jacket just appealed to me. It was different yet still incredibly stylish. It wasn't different in terms of being out of this world, never been done before - but it gives an edge to a classic, feminine black jacket. One of my favourite pieces to wear at the moment, and it is so so flattering on. If you're looking for a good black jacket, I most definitely recommend this one.
 Scroll down for Links for the items online.

Sunglasses - Chanel
Trousers - Oasis
Bag - Givenchy
Collar - Style Skin

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