6 January 2015

Pre-Fall 2015 : Moschino

I think it is fair to say that Moschino pieces are usually pieces that are worn by the brave. They are not everyday fashion items to the majority, but to some they are! My style is sometimes influenced Moschino. I feel like their pieces lift a mood, and convey confidence and uniqueness to all that see the pieces. They're fun, yet undeniably stylish. Certain pieces within the collection are surprisingly not as flamboyant, which makes the collection more catering for those women who are more tailored. However, you can see Jeremy Scott's personality push through all the looks - exactly what I like to see. Jeremy Scott's carefree attitude is a breath of fresh air within the fashion industry - showing us that fashion is fun, and it is all about being unique and expressing yourself. Every collection that Jeremy brings out, he brings us new ideas. Moschino is one of those brands that I highly anticipate when waiting for Fashion Week, or the "Pre" and "Resort" collections.

This collection is a huge thumbs up for me. I love every piece. The tape-measure print is so unique, something I have never seen before. It just works. Incomporating a monochrome theme, alongside bright pastels - this collection involves most of this season's top trends which caters to their loyal clients.  I can really see Miley Cyrus wearing these - and I hope she does! Excellent graphics and ideas. All hail jeremy scott!




  1. I don't know how to feel about this collection as whole. I love some peaces (slogan dresses, mint coat) and some I hate (tailors inspired). And again everyone will be talking about Jeremy Scott and Moschino

  2. I can honestly say i hate this collection ahah but i love how out there and unique it is! It embodies jeremy scott's spirit and is for that girl super bad ass girl! So i love it and hate it in a away ha lovely review doll! Xo


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