27 January 2015

Atelier Versace Couture - Spring 2015

There is something about Versace that makes the fashion world excited yet apprehensive. Versace is one of those brands that constantly deliver fantastic collections, season after season after season. Donatella always exceeds to expectations of the press, and most importantly, the clients. The Golden Globes was where no other designer dressed as many beautiful women as Donatella did. THAT Kate Hudson dress was the talk of the night, and this is why I was so excited to see the new collection.

The collection was revealed with the first two looks being very sharp and angular - which was put onto a jumpsuit. I instantly knew this collection wouldn't disappoint. I felt that this collection represented a Versace "throwback" so to speak. The collection really did reflect a 70s/80s look. The first series of dresses were bright, bold with beautiful cut out detailing - which kept the look classy but with that Donatella edge. Big-Buckled belts were also a highlight - which added that masculine feel over the feminine silhouette of the pieces. Speaking of a throwback over the decades, Donatella incorporated that iconic 60s vibe with simple, clean-cut miniskirts teamed with knee high boots. Blacks, Whites, Blues and Reds were the four bold colours which really gave Versace that burst of colour.

The collection moved onto a more dark romantic, yet feminine feel with glittery maxi dresses - risking a serious wardrobe malfunction to say the least! The beautiful detailing on these series of dresses really conveys the hard work Donatella and her team have put into the dresses to make them sensational. The dress that particularly caught my eye was the dress which Jourdan Dunn wore. So daring, yet so elegant - a dress that can only be worn by the brave!

The collection then grew into a series of beautiful nude dresses - something that I wasn't exactly expecting from Versace. As this is a couture collection - I was expecting some beautiful, delicate and expensive pieces, but I was pleasantly surprised. This was particularly my favourite part because Donatella ventured out into something different, but it still had that sexy Versace edge which makes the collection recognisable to the brand. The cut outs were becoming more and more daring as the show progressed which kept us wanting more and more. The show ended with the initial feel - bold colours with daring cut outs - something that made this collection unique. Amazing designs by the Queen of Fashion herself - Donatella Versace.


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