28 December 2014

Pre-Fall 2015 : Elie Saab

Elie Saab is definitely one of my favourite designers. Beautifully detailed pieces which bring femininity and elegance to the industry. This collection is everything I was expecting, it screams the typical Elie Saab vibe. What they did do, was make the collection slightly different by introducing new fabrics and new designs which are guaranteed to please their clients. Saab said "Pre-collections are becoming increasingly important for brands, our customers are constantly looking for standout, unique pieces!" His theme for the collection was inspired by "Folk Reverie" which meant long, full skirts, harvest inspired motifs and soft fur, a really autumn/winter vibe. Gorgeous red and purple floral fabrics were teamed with black lace to really create a gorgeous texture to the pieces, which are extremely pleasing to the eye. The collection overall was a mixture of tasty, soft, feminine and bold 
which is what we all wanted to see. 


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  1. love this post! But Elie Saab is a man and you've referred to him as 'her'!:0


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