17 December 2014

Pre-Fall 2015 : Alexander Wang

I was lucky enough to be in London on the 6th November, when the Alexander Wang x H&M collection was released in the Oxford Street store. I was able to see the collection in the flesh and I was delighted with the products. I was unsure if I would actually like the collection, especially after watching the show (which was fantastic). I say this because Wang really conveys off the sport vibe, which he has stated himself in a Vogue interview (you can watch it here.) The style he presents to the industry is very different from the usual, and that is why he is so successful as a designer. I actually loved the H&M collection because it was pieces I could wear and pair with different clothing and accessories to make it more me. The fact Alexander Wang is down to earth and friendly, gives a sense of warmth to the industry, which is why I love him so much.

After the H&M collection was released, I was more than eager to see his Pre-Fall 2015 collection. I LOVE IT. It's so structured, yet feminine and in some looks really does reflect the military 'Balmain" vibe. Most of the collection is dark, with Wang incorporating a lot of Blacks and Whites - but there were hints of natural tones added to the looks. I was very impressed with the overall shape of the pieces, the clean cut of the silouhette of each look conveyed class aswell as elegance. What makes Wang's collections so unique and appealing is the masculinity undertone he puts with his looks. So flattering and eye-catching, which certainly makes his clients feel a million dollars.


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  1. So in love with all those jackets!!

    Lauren x


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