19 November 2014

Topshop : Party Picks!

I am a huge fan of Topshop, not only do I work there, but I have always been a shopper there. Their pieces are always bang on trend and they really do give designers a run for their money and are perhaps one of the biggest shops on the hughstreet.

Dedicating a post to Topshop, I wanted to make it appropriate and interesting for you guys. So I thought, why not do a post for the party season. Party season is approaching ladies and we all (don't deny it) get stressed with what to wear and we do usually leave our outfits last minute!! haha!1 However, I will be doing many posts over the party season giving you ideas on what to put together and what would look best on you. If you have any questions about what would suit your shape or suit you personally, please do not hesitate to tweet me! (@MeganCawe). Now, time for me to stop rambling, and show you some of my favourite party picks from Topshop! I must also add, although some of these pieces will be PETITE or TALL, with Topshop they usually do these pieces in a normal collection. I would also recommend that if they don't, just to get a bigger size in Petite and a smaller size in Tall!
Bonded Velvet Playsuit - £65
RIDDLE Snake-Effect High Sandals - £48
Feather Hem Slip Dress - £55
Rachel Strappy High Sandals - £46
Feather Bralet - £32
Premium Satin Culottes - £50
RIPPLE Skinny Strap Sandals -£58
TALL Two-Tone Sequin Dress - £68
ROLO Skinny Strappy Sandals - £46
Feather Hem Tee - £35
Geo Chevron Print Skort - £36
RIPPLE Skinny Strap Sandals - £58
Flocked Sequin Bodycon Dress (Beyonce wore this exact dress!) - £68.00
Sequin Slip Dress - £75
RIPPLE Skinny Strap Sandals - £58
PETITE Velvet Lace Shorts - £36
PETITE Velvet Lace Kimono - £55



  1. Ahhhh love topshop!!!xx

  2. Love the velvet blue dress but more so the jacket and shorts, a good alternative to the usual dresses x

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