2 November 2014

AW14 Ready-to-Wear : Louis Vuitton

I was coincidentally walking through bond street a few weeks ago and popped into the Louis Vuitton store which was adjacent to Burberry funnily enough. I just couldn't resist having a look. The store itself was absolutely mesmerising. Different from what I have seen before. It was quite modern actually, and it was very art deco. The collection really reflected a 70s vibe and I think that also conveyed in the store. The reason I'm doing this post is mainly because I was inspired to do so when I entered the store. I instantly knew I would be featuring them on my "AW14 Collections" posts. 

As the show began, spectators found a note from the Creative Director (Nicolas Ghesquiere) saying "Today is a new day. A big day ... words cannot express exactly how I am feeling at this moment...above all, immense joy!" so a joyous mood was filling the atmosphere as the show began. He has been deeply missed since his departure from Balenciaga a year and a half ago, so his return with the AW14 Louis Vuitton collection is a great comeback! 

As expected from Louis Vuitton there were a lot of suede and a lot of leather. All used in creative and stylish ways. This collection presented us with stylish 70s inspired numbers, perhaps we would have expected our mum's to wear back in the day. However, they always say that old styles come back - and they have come back with a new twist. I personally, am a huge fan of tailored pieces and this collection has so many tailored pieces in it - with a 70s, hippie twist. I loveeeee!


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  1. LV ...a massive statement in the fabulous fashion world. Love this post



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