5 October 2014

SS15 : Givenchy

I think it is reasonable to say that there aren't many one year old toddlers in the world who can grab there selves a FROW seat at Paris Fashion Week. Hard to believe? Well, North West was accompanied by her mother and father to attend the SS15 Givenchy show on the 28th September, dressed head to toe in Givenchy herself. I for one, am very jealous. The show itself was everything I had expected from Givenchy. Having two of the biggest names on the catwalk walk for them, Kendall and Cara, they certainly knew how to throw a show. Sexy, graphic black dresses were the main look of the runway which oozed sex appeal, with lace and corsets. It was definitely hard-edged and raw, but somewhat romantic and feminine. A great combination.

It's a challenge to be able to pull of those looks simultaneously, and Givenchy just nailed it this year. As they always do! Fierce and strong dresses were the main feature with thigh-high boots. Some may say this is somewhat cheap and "slutty" if you will - but all of that was balanced with the femininity of the dresses and how they were worn. The lace and detailing on the dresses were so fine and so beautiful that you were just transfixed upon them. Leather I am a huge fan of leather leggings, I don't know why I just feel with a structured blazer and beautiful heels - you have yourself a killer look! I was so glad to see this on the catwalk this SS15, and knowing they're acceptable for the SS15 nights, I will certainly be taking advantage!! Pirate styled shirts were a main topic of the show, styled with tight trousers and and black and white narrow shouldered jackets kept the silhouettes of the looks, clean and neat. The detailing was focused all on top.

The collection as a whole definitely conveyed the severe monochrome trend. The only piece that counteracted this trend was in the form of a pink leather dress. So fierce yet beautiful. A few tanned brown looks were included. It wasn't just the outfits that were stunning the spectators - but the bleached eyebrows the models had. Different, bizarre perhaps? It just worked. Givenchy have certainly put forward the sexiest, fiercest and strongest collection of them all.



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  1. Love this post! Never been so jealous of a one year old! The brows really stood out on the models.x


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