2 October 2014

SS15 : Chanel

There's something about Chanel that makes them just top the rest. Not the fact that the amazing Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director, not the fact that they include the industry's top models such as Cara, Kendall, Georgia and Binx, but because of their outstanding runway shows. Remember the supermarket themed runway? oh yes, don't we all. This time around, Chanel opted for a street theme, with the models ending the show by parading down the runway protesting about Woman's rights. It wouldn't be Chanel if you weren't speechless by the end. A true fashion protest.

Something tells me that blogger's (including myself) obsession with street style has had a massive impact upon the Chanel SS15 looks, explaining the street-themed runway. Lagerfeld called it the "Boulevard Chanel" and it took place inside the Grand Palais in Paris. You couldn't possibly tell that the runway was not intact a real brick and mortar street, but just a set - with the occasional puddle by the curbs. Carrying on with the unique street vibe, model's strolled individually, in twos and threes chatting away as they walked the runway. The pieces were very similar to the AW14 collection, and it felt like the same heritage pieces had made an appearance - exactly what the clients of Chanel adore. Pretty designs and gorgeous colours is every girl's dream, and Chanel certainly clasped that dream and made it a reality with this collection. 

The tweed detailing was back on loose fitting suits, in beautiful, feminine, Chanel style.  Micro - Minis and flared trousers all made a regular appearance and they did not disappoint. Paint - Splashing patterns were drizzled all over the pieces, creating a fun and "out there" vibe; if you want to be the centre of attention then these bright numbers are for you! Boxed skirts (sometimes layered over tailored trousers) made a different look, but it just simply all worked. Well, it is Chanel of course. 

Mosaic cocktail dresses graced the catwalk one after the other, making us fashion lovers absolutely transfixed. So gorgeous and unique, with a hint of masculinity. They were made up of rectangular plastic tablets which were arranged by bricks - really interpreting the street style inspiration and echoing runway. An appearance from the icon, Giselle, wearing a signature striped cardigan from Chanel just made the show that little bit more perfect. Newer pieces were spotted here too - captivating the fashion industry. In true Karl Lagerfeld style, the show had to end with a big finale. You can't have a street without a protest can you? Model's gracing the runway with banners reading "tweed is better than tweet", "Free Freedom" and "Ladies First", Giselle and Cara chanting through Chanel encrusted megaphones "What do we want? When do we want it?" ... now that is how you end a show.



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