19 October 2014

Q&A : Ask Meg

I have wanted to do a Q&A for a while because it's great to interact with you guys. Usually, bloggers do this on YouTube but I am yet to create a Vlog account so please bare with me haha!

I asked on my social media for questions that you would like me to answer and I got a few to share! I'll include the instagram/twitter names of those who asked me!

Q1 "What's your secret to having such a successful blog? Any Tips?" - staytruetoyourfashion (Instagram)
Firstly, thankyou for being my first question, was nervous I wasn't going to get any haha! I wouldn't really say there is a secret, I think it's down to working hard and being consistent. I would advise any aspiring bloggers to keep going and follow other bloggers for inspiration. Having said that, be yourself - and don't follow trends if they're not for you, start your own! I would also connect with other bloggers and attend events for more experience and inspiration.

Q2  "Have you got any advise for someone wanting to start a blog?" -floralheartsandbows (Instagram)
Basically what I said in the previous question, stay consist and ensure you love what you do and share your thoughts and opinions. That's the best thing about writing a blog - you can write everything you think and feel and share comments and feedback with others online!

Q2 "Whats your favourite food?" - l.minkey (instagram)
Thats such a difficult question because I swear I eat everything - but it has to be Pizza, I can eat a whole one to myself and still want more ... ask my friends! haha!

Q3 "What's your fav colour?" - razan_gargoum (Instagram)
My favourite colour is burgundy! The deep red colour, almost like a wine colour? AHHH i love it!

Q4 "When did you start doing what your doing now and how?" - elanevans123 (instagram)
I started blogging a few months ago, around March time? I just randomly started one because I loved fashion and loved writing, so I thought, why not start a blog? I started off basically using blogger with google and just started from there!!

Q5 "What has been your favourite post so far?" - miss_amyyyy_ (instagram)
This is such a good question!! Erm, it would have to be the first post where I wrote about the Burberry AW14 Campaign. I did one recently but the one I did first was great because I went to their 121 Regent Street store and was able to experience that and then write about it!

Q6 "Is blogging your career? Do you do any other jobs to make ends meet financially?" - wardrobebabe (instagram)
No its not! I'm a Student at the Fashion Retail Academy in London studying Level 3 Business for Fashion Retail - I'm only almost 17! However, I have recently got a job in Topshop at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Greenhithe so that's exciting!

Q7 "What is your favourite brand?" - theresexix (instagram)
My favourite brand is definitely Topshop! If you mean high street!

Q8 "Favourite thing about blogging?" - fernz22 (instagram)
My favourite thing about blogging has got to be receiving the feedback from my followers. I see instagram as a community, and I love seeing my followers discuss something on what I have posted. It sounds cringey but its great, there's so negativity and bitchiness and it's literally an escape! It's fab!

Q9 "What are you wanting to do as a career in the future?" - chloeriannewoods (instagram)
I would love to be a full-time blogger. Travelling the world and being on the FROW of my favourite brands. That's the dream!

Q10 "All time favourite clothing brand?" - @zoesSecretStyle (Twitter)
I've answered this previously but included this as you mentioned "All Time" I said Topshop, but out of all the brands I love it's a tie between Burberry and Balmain.

Q11 "Who's your fashion idols?" - @MegansTwitt 
I have so many! But currently it has to be Kim Kardashian. She nails everything she wears and she also sports a lot of my favourite brands which is good! I also like Selena Gomez's style, she always looks on point.

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