20 October 2014

Check It Out...

I was so excited to be collaborating with one of my favourite brands, Fashion Union. This post is totally dedicated to them as the whole outfit is from their website. I was so glad to be contacted by them to collaborate as I love showing you guys affordable, yet stylish pieces - Fashion Union is perfect for this!

I'll start with the highlight of the look, which is of course the bright, checked skirt. When I saw it, I instantly fell in love with it! This Autumn I'm obsessed with wearing skirts, tights and boots. I'm loving the different designs which are available and I would recommend taking a look on the skirt section as they do such a range of beautiful midi skirts. I loved this particuar skirt because of the colours that was inter winded in it; navy, camel and pink. I thought this was really different yet so feminine.  The camel colour is so hot this Autumn, so I just needed to snap this one up! Onto the coat - I am so obsessed with them this season. I love the faux fur ones, the cocoon ones, the oversized ones, and the leather ones. AH i just love them all! I chose this black one because it's oversized and perfect to take me into the winter. Being black, it is totally versatile. I must also point out that the coat comes with a white fur which is on the hood which you can take on and off to your heart's content! It's great if you want two different looks. Finally, onto the shoes. I love these ones because of the layered suede detail! SO gorgeous. I love heels aswell and if you follow me on Instagram you'll definitely know that. They're also SO comfortable;  I wore them shopping last weekend, and after 6 hours, they didn't hurt at all - so ladies, I would definitely snap these up whilst you can!!

Coat - Fashion Union (similar here would look equally as good!)
Skirt - Fashion Union
Shoes - Fashion Union
Hat - Topshop



  1. I love this outfit, great pictures as well xx


  2. Love the Shoes ! Great post




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