23 October 2014

AW14 : Elie Saab

There is something about Elie Saab that I just can't get enough of.  The beauty, elegance and femininity is all part of Elie Saab's appeal. It really reflects my own personal style, or at least the style I aspire to wear. It's just so simple, yet oh so beautiful. One of my ultimate goals is to visit an Elie Saab show - I cannot really comprehend why, but I am just obsessed. I don't mention Elie Saab as much as I do other fashion houses, and to be honest, I should more often. I believe they should receive more praise and gratitude from the Fashion Industry because as from what I can see, many high street stores have been inspired by this wonderful collection.

My favourite colours have been included in the collection which is always a plus for me. I love the wintery/autumny (are those words?) deep colours, such as Burgundy, Teal, Blacks and Crimson Reds. So sexy and so innocent at the same time. Conveying a strong woman with a girly touch. Beautifully tailored pieces graced the Elie Saab catwalk this A/W and that is exactly what I wanted to see. They're usually so amazing at designing beautiful gowns, so I wanted to see that little bit of a change to fit our AW wardrobes - and they most certainly didn't disappoint.
It was as if the show was organised in colours. The first part of the show, graced the beautiful Burgundy coats and gowns which I must say are my favourite pieces. Followed by beautiful pastel pink elegant dresses and tailored pieces. The organisation of the show really caught my attention and it was a pleasure to watch. (I must point out - I didn't attend the show, I watched it online!) It also comes to my attention that Elie Saab do included a few ombre pieces within their collection. I'm writing this post after I have seen their SS15 collection, and I feel there is a pattern. I think this is different and makes Elie Saab stand out from the rest. Truly pleasing to the eye!

You can watch the Elie Saab AW14 Show above (Select the 720 HD option for a clearer view!)

There was a certain print that was noted within this AW collection - and that is the bold floral print above a black background. It looked Oh So Good! The print isn't too vibrant but just that bold to turn heads and make you centre of the attention. The femininity and grace does also shine within these pieces and I love the fact the print has been incorporated onto many different pieces; similar to what Ted Baker do! Over the past few months, I have really started noticing Elie Saab, and I am glad I have. They're the underdog of the fashion houses - so to speak, and I think over the next few seasons they're really going to prove that they're one of the most influencing fashion houses within the industry. I can assure you that you will look through the catwalk images below and recognise a high street replica (perhaps one you have already!!). I would certainly look at this collection for inspiration if you're a girly girl, like me! I would also suggest to look at Zara, Miss Selfridge and River Island for some Elie Saab inspired pieces!


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