28 September 2014

Primark AW14 Press Event

I was lucky enough to have won tickets to attend the Primark AW14 Collection press event which held an exclusive Q&A session with the beautiful Victoria from InTheFrow (www.inthefrow.com). It was such a fab event and I have only postponed the upload of this post due to my many SS15 collection blogs from fashion houses (be prepared for more!! haha). I was at college on the day but fortunately ended early so I was able to have dinner and relax before I went.

The collection itself is amazing. I feel that Primark has a certain reputation for being cheap, and I'm an honest blogger and I admit i did think this myself. However, over the past couple of years my opinions have changed - I think this is because Primark have really taken care with the products they sell and their press campaigns. I find that you don't have to search the store to find robust and good quality pieces, they have really upped their game. Their winter coats are of an outstanding quality, aswell as their bags. The press event was really sophisticated yet so much fun, the Primark press workers were so friendly and easy to talk to. The pieces were laid out beautifully and the food was absolutely amazing! From mini burgers to chocolate flapjacks - I was in my element.

I had so many favourite pieces that I can not actually narrow them down and tell you, but what I can say is that Primark is really going to be a major part of your AW wardrobe! Believe me ladies! If you're a boy reading this, they do some amazing pieces for you too - gorgeous blazers and structured coats are my favourite pieces in the menswear collection. The shoes are also outstanding aswell, they're bang on trend at a remarkable, affordable price. Perfect for you savers!

After I had a thorough look at the pieces, all the winners sat together for an exclusive Q&A session with Victoria. She was telling us girls how she started blogging, what apps she uses and her general life with blogging - it was very interesting and inspiring to hear. She started just like I did, pretty randomly, so it was nice to hear someone to have been in the same boat as I. I asked her a few questions myself, including what her favourite pieces was and how did she find LFW (I was extremely jealous I must add) and she was honestly so sweet and lovely, cheerful and happy. It's nice to see bloggers inspire others and also enjoy talking to their followers and giving them as much advice as possible. She looked gorgeous in a slowly midi skirt and her beautiful purple hair scraped back into a sleek bun - and I was able to have a quick one to one - and of course mentioning Burberry.

Overall, I had a fantastic evening - full of affordable fashion, laughter and fun. Three things I love! I'm sure I will be posting many of the primark pieces on my blog and social media so keep an eye out if their are any pieces you like! I would love to hear what pieces you love and are planning to purchase this AW! Take care lovelies! XO



  1. I completely agree! I just popped into Primark today and saw all their winter stuff and was so impressed! Their faux fur coats are amazing! Their clothes aren't the kind of things you could guess are from Primark anymore. Their quality has improved and like you said, you don't have to rummage to find a good item. I literally find myself picking everything up! The event looks super cute!


  2. I absolutely adore Primark, definitely my weakness! The event looks like it was brilliant!

    Lauren x

  3. Primark is getting so much better every season, I love it! And weirdly Victoria is my lecturer at uni haha!


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