19 September 2014

Moschino : SS15

If i am being totally honest, Moschino never really interested me. Well, not that I wasn't interested, the brand just never caught my eye and it wasn't really my style. I preferred classic, more structured, minimalist pieces from designers such as Burberry and Chanel. However, Moschino have really caught my eye over the past two seasons. Who remembers the McDonalds and Spongebob trend? (yes, believe me) Moschino of course! I personally wouldn't wear some of the outfits myself but I cannot deny that I couldn't resist from walking into Moschino and having a look - multiple times. I was just so transfixed. I honestly couldn't believe that Spongebob Squarepants and McDonald's could actually be a fashion statement - it blew my mind. Moschino is one of those houses that everyone anticipates. What can they possible do next?

I absolutely loved the new SS15 collection designed by Jeremy Scott. This is his second helm of collections at Moschino, so he was the mastermind behind the McDonald's and Spongebob looks! A boxed barbie doll, dressed in Moschino, was placed on each watcher's chair at the SS15 show in Milan. An Italian fashion house itself, I am sure it was a big contribution for Milan Fashion Week. His pieces and designs are selling quickly, so many people are obsessed with Moschino! As seen on the likes of Ariana Grande at the VMAs, Rita Ora being a notable fan and That BELT, no wonder Moschino is becoming one of the hottest brands in the fashion industry! The spectators at the show also received a disney-styled pink mirror that can double up as an iPhone case, which is the follow up from the McDonald's Fries case last season. The show was opened with the "Barbie" looks, whilst Aqua's "Barbie Girl" was playing through the speakers. Therefore, we have no doubt who scott was inspired by this year! Although the season's collection was hugely inspired by the infamous barbie, there were non-pink looks in the collection. Many of Moschino's classic colours (black and gold) had made several appearances. The designs and colours were bright and out of this world - two of the descriptions that they are known for. The finale of the show full of dresses and one white tuxedo look was every child's prom dream!


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