8 September 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I have a total obsession with Balmain. As seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj and Joan Smalls, the celebrities and fashion industry just can't get enough! Pronounced "Bowel - Mon" , Balmain is an underdog of the huge designers and I think they're going to be big this A/W and in 2015. I hope so at least. Founded by French designer, Pierre Balmain during World War II, having outfitted stars such as Ava Gardener and Brigitte Bardot. The house was possibly most influenced by Oscar De La Renta who designed for them. Already a famous face in the fashion industry, like Balmain himself, La Renta had an eye for simple designs and classic silhouettes. He had saved the brand from going into decline. Since 2011, following from La Renta and Christopher Decarnin (in 2005) departures, Balmain fashion house has the gorgeous Olivier Rousteing as their creative director. In my opinion, he has brought the most fantastic and exquisite designs to the brand. I love that Balmain is so uniquely different, if I could work with a brand, it would be them.

Olivier Rousteing is also featured modelling with the beautiful Kendall, for the Sunday Time's Style Cover. Kendall is seen posing wearing Balmain's newest 2015 resort collection. I adore Balmain, the army styled collection is absolutely captivating. Bold colours and structured designs are two of the main features I love about this collection.

"Today we go back to the 1990s, when beauty, power, attitude and confidence were more important. Weird creatures like models are part of the past Kendall [Jenner] is not weird. She's a beautiful woman, even iconic, because all of these young girls look at her Instagram and they want to look like her" says Olivier Rousteing in the Sunday Times Style

However, this is not the first time Kendall has been seen in association with Balmain. She attended the Vogue Foundation Gala with her older sister Kim and Olivier, in Paris as a part of the Balmain Army. This was personally my favourite look from Kendall. I really liked the army theme Olivier had gone with, I just instantly fell in love and I honestly don't know why. Maybe its the power of the structure that empower women when they wear it, and when they see women wearing the army collection. I don't know, it's just captivating and shows how intimidating women can be when they look strong and sexy. That's what I like.

Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Iman were also featured in the Balmain Campaign for the new collection.

“These women are inspiring to so many different people,” says Olivier Rousteing. “Bringing them together represents the concept I’m working toward.”

I personally think that Balmain is different from other brands. I'm just in awe of anyone who has worked/modelled for Balmain, I cannot honestly comprehend how much I love the brand. Can you be in love with a brand? I think so. My favourite feature of Balmain is also the rope designs. There is so much detail within the pieces which is so attractive to the eye. The bold colours are so empowering and eye catching and I just cannot get enough. You never know ladies, you may see me strolling down the hughstreet in the latest Resort 2015 dress ;) we can all dream, right?

Balmain Resort 2015


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