27 September 2014

Balenciaga : SS15

As bad as this sounds, I haven't ever really seen any Balenciaga pieces before. I didn't know much about the fashion house and I had never really seen any of their previous collections either. Anyhow, as you have probably noticed by my continuous posts about the SS15 Global Fashion weeks, I have spent hours upon hours researching and admiring the devine collections that the fashion houses have given us for SS15. I must say, Balenciaga is one of my favourites. Why? Because of the structured and tailored pieces they had included. I was actually quite surprised as I assumed most of the SS15 collections would be bright and bold - but Balenciaga enrolled a whole different ball game, and I loved it. I didn't actually recognise anyone on the FROW, until Kanye, Kim and North (all dressed in Balenciaga of course) took their seats. Kim looking radiant and elegant as ever. The room went crazy for the beautiful baby North momentarily and the paparazzi were all on her until it was time to turn their attention to the SS15 looks that were about the walk the runway.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their daughter, North West at the Balenciaga SS15 show

Modern, black and glossy are three words that I would use to describe the first looks of the show. Tailored, floor length, overcoats were also an objective. The only colour featured in the show were soft pastel lilacs and pinks, they screamed class and wealth. The sharp finish was out in full effect and I was instantly transfixed on the beauty of the pieces. I am so glad that the oversized pieces are carrying on into the summer, perfect for cool summer nights. I am a huge fan of tailored and structured pieces so Balenciaga is now definitely going to be on my radar. As an alternative to dazzling gowns that Balenciaga had perviously featured in their collection, this show offered a more fresh and modern take on the iconic cocktail dress and sport luxe, oozing tons of mesh fabrics. I heart. I wasn't surprised that Alexander Wang had designed these pieces because they scream his name - he has definitely done Balenciaga very proud.

My favourite part of the show was when the pastel section walked to catwalk. It really softened the boldness of the dark colours and I was glad to see some colour in Balenciaga's SS15 collection. It is said that the white mesh top with a band of crystals, took Kim's interest and her favourite section was also the pastel looks. Great minds think alike...I could definitely see her killing those looks. So what about baby North? Even she had a beaming smile across her face and even clapped during the finale of the show (with the help of her father).



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  1. This collection is absolutely beautiful!!! I've just fallen in love with everything! <3



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