27 July 2014

Review : Dirty Looks Extensions

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Dirty Looks Extensions and to write a blog review for them. I've always believed that gorgeous hair can make girls feel a million dollars and I also believe that styling your hair also adds to the structure and appearance of your face. In addition, I believe that it is really important to look after your hair as best as you can because I personally feel a million dollars when I have styled my hair, and I want all girls to feel like that with luscious locks. I received my package a few weeks ago but wanted to try them out over a longer period of time to give you an honest/accurate review! I am over the moon with them, and honestly recommend them to you all (you'll understand why I was so pleased when you use them yourself!!!)

Within my package I received a HK Full Head Hair Extensions in melted chocolate brown. I was unsure on what colour to choose as I was choosing online but the lovely ladies at Dirty Looks HQ along with their stylists were able to give me advice and I found a 100% match. I was so surprised at how well it matched. In my opinion, thats one of the main priorities when buying extensions ladies is to make sure they match. You want to avoid the "fake" look and try to make them look as natural as possible and blend in with your real hair.

I had never used extensions before I discovered Dirty Looks. If I am honest, I was never willing to pay money for cheap quality hair. I had quite naturally long hair anyway so I personally thought that extensions would be quite pointless for me. However, Dirty Looks did honestly change my opinion. The hair itself was in absolutely impeccable condition and felt so soft. They arrived all packed neatly. If you buy a set of extensions yourself, you will have a pack of a sample weft. That weft is a part of the set but can be opened to see if the colour actually matches your hair. If the sample isn't a correct match you can easily therefore receive a refund. PLEASE NOTE that you cannot return the hair extensions if the second pocket of the rest of the set has been opened. The package arrived with a little booklet entitled "hey girls!" which gives you advice on how to use the extensions and how to keep them in good condition. It is all really simple and only takes little time which is great for a girl like me who isn't very patient and is super busy! I would recommend (as do Dirty Looks) to let the extensions dry naturally after you've washed them. The less heat on the extensions the better. The hair extensions do not have the natural supply of oils and nutrients which our own hair does, so they won't get greasy as quickly as our own hair will. Which is a bonus! Also, please ensure you use good quality heat protector products on the extensions and styling with light silky texture products will be the best option for both the extensions and your own hair! Dirty looks also give you steps on how to apply the extensions. The wefts are all labelled with a number inside the weft (don't worry, you won't see the label when you wear them!!) and they're super easy to use. I used the guide once, and that was the first time. I got the swing of it after only once!! I was amazed with how uncomplicated and easy they were to use.

There are so many different wefts and colours to choose from, click here to view on the dirty looks website! From bright blonde to deep black, you will find your perfect match! I was absolutely amazed at how many shades there are to choose from. I personally opted for the 20"-22" length because I particularly wanted long wavy curls when styled. There are a variety of lengths to choose from so if you have a pixie crop, you can opt for a shorter length to start you off!!

Due to my lack of knowledge of hair extensions, I just assumed that they were all bad for your hair. I watched so many documentaries and heard so many stories about the damage they could do to your hair. However, I soon realised that the extensions that aren't good for your hair are essentially glue in ones, hence why I would never try them. I would only ever use clip-in extensions, such as the ones I am writing about now, or micro bonded ones. I personally love the clip in extensions so when you feel like you need a break from the long hair you can easily unclip them and take them out. Micro bonded ones are obviously micro bonded to your real hair and cannot be taken out easily and will probably need professional assistance to do that. These extensions (because they're clip in) do absolutely no damage to your hair at all.

I noticed that they felt quite heavy on my head the first time I wore them. It was very strange because I had never worn them before. After a few times of wearing them, the "heaviness" started to wear off and it felt like I had nothing in my hair and felt very comfortable to wear. I was worried that they would always feel heavy but I got used to them after the third time! Here are a few images of my extensions (please excuse the lack of professional photos here haha!!)

The extensions will be making an appearance in future blog posts so you will be able to see what they really look like. These photos will hopefully give you a rough idea!! If you have any enquiries about the extensions then please don't hesitate to contact me via my tumblr (www.meganjaynecawe.tumblr.com) or my twitter! (www.twitter.com/MeganCawe). Or alternatively, contact the lovely girls at Dirty Looks HQ via their email - info@dirtylooks.com and they'll be happy to answer any questions or help with colour matching!

Here are a few fun hair tutorials/information from their blog I would recommend for summer!!

Megan x


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