11 July 2014

By Lauren Pope ... High Summer Collection Launch with In The Style


Yellow Shift Dress - £24.99

Tropical Skirt - £27.99

Blue Bralet - £18.99
Yellow Mesh Insert Pencil Skirt - £19.99

Blue Grid Jacket - £29.99
Blue Grid Skort - £19.99

Grid Co-Ord Top - £18.99
Grid Co-Ord Shorts - £18.99

B efore I start writing this blog post I must owe all my followers an apology! Although I'm always active on twitter and Instagram, I've really neglected my blog. It's so hard to fit them in as I'm super busy and always doing something! I will definitely be back to my regular blog posts soon. 
    Now onto the post!! I thought I would write about my day at the In The Style By Lauren Pope, High Summer collection launch on the 20th June at the Sanctum Hotel in Soho, London. Although the event was a few weeks ago, this post is long overdue, and I want to share with you all my day aswell as show you my favourite pieces! The venue was absolutely beautiful, in a luxury 5 star hotel, i was definitely having a taster of my dream lifestyle! we can all dream, right girls?

The day itself was absolutely fantastic! I met so many beautiful bloggers who I had been in contact with on Instagram and it was fabulous to finally meet them in person. I also met Lydia Bright and Lauren Pope, who were both absolutely gorgeoeus and such lovely ladies. I discussed with Lydia about my collaboration with her accessory collection for Vintage Styler (which will be featured in future blog posts) aswell as a general chit chat! The press and reporters were lovely too, and it was good to meet new people who were involved in the industry I aspire to be in. I got chatting to a lovely lady who works for Reveal magazine. I was so interested in the famous faces she had met which included the Made in Chelsea cast. An OK! Magazine reported who was interviewing Vas Morgan (new addition to TOWIE) had told me during her career she had met Cara Delevingne aswell as Brad and Angelina!! Okay, now THATS the ultimate!! I was extremely jealous. It was very interesting to hear and learn about the fashion industry and the media regarding fashion and style. 

The event had a tropical theme and the sunny weather certainly fitted in with the summery vibe. Tropical fruits and white wine spritzers were offered, and the food was absolutely delicious. Lauren herself looked impeccable, constantly on her feet talking to the press and promoting her new collection throughout the event and regularly stopped to have a chat with bloggers. I also spoke to Adam, the founder of In The Style, and asked him about his collaboration with Lauren. He said so much hard work and time was put into the collection as well as Lauren having huge involvement with the design and prints of the pieces. It certainly shows! This collection is so gorgeous! Overall, it was a fab day, and I really enjoyed the experience in London! 

Lastly, my favourite pieces can be found in the last 4 photos; i've included the prices of the pieces aswell as a link to the website to where you can view and buy them. I honestly love all the pieces in the collection, if i could have every piece i surely would! Make sure you check out all of Lauren Pope's High Summer collection here. I'm so impressed with the collection,  there is not one piece I wouldn't include in my wardrobe!

I hope you're all well and have enjoyed reading my little account of the day. If you have any enquiries about the collection or any enquiries in general, feel free to contact me via my email or my tumblr!(www.meganjaynecawe.tumblr.com) I hope you've all had a fab weekend too!

Much Love and Kisses,

Megan x


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